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The concept of "natural" product is no longer sufficient: the new frontiers of beauty treatments follow the principles of cosmeceutical science, in which preparations are rich in functional active ingredients and the guiding rule of dermal affinity prevails, with products being formulated with cosmetic bases that are similar to the physiological components of the skin and dermis.

The growing demand for products with specific nutritional and health-promoting qualities has determined the parallel success of nutraceutical science, a discipline that involves the study of "medicinal foods" which, as a result of the healing properties of their natural active ingredients, supplement a normal daily diet and have beneficial effects on health both in terms of prevention and for therapeutic purposes.
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Kosmida follows the principles of healthy living and uses natural active ingredients that have been processed in accordance with the most recent discoveries in the field of bio-medical and dermatological research.
With regard to its dietary products and supplements, Kosmida has embraced the latest studies regarding the combination of nutraceutical properties of foods.

The synergy between the benefits of localized treatment used in dermo-cosmetics and the complementary effects of a dietary supplement that acts within the body is the basic principle behind achieving both wellbeing and beauty - the mission of Kosmida.

As a result of its ever growing offer of new speciality products, Kosmida has been held in esteem for more than twenty years by dermatologists, pharmacists, nutritionists and all prescribing physicians who demand for their patients the certainty of the correct combination of naturalness and scientific rigour.

Kosmida guarantees raw materials purchased from certified suppliers, a complete chain of control with in vitro and in vivo laboratory tests and inspections, strict production checks, Quality Certifications, and technical and scientific information provided with each product.