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What truly makes the difference - so that the virtues of the ingredients and their careful combination are expressed to the best of their potential - are the skills and methods, the drive to achieve continuous innovation and the technological equipment available to the Kosmida brand.

The certainties come from one of the most important Applied Laboratories in Italy, whose experts investigate, test and carry out many in-depth trials on the innovative active ingredients.
These fundamental analyses lead to the unique Kosmida formulas. Further laboratory experiments verify the beneficial and functional effects, for the purpose of guaranteeing a high level of effectiveness and the absolute safety of the products.

The tests are multidisciplinary and are also conducted in specialized university clinical institutes, paying particular attention to compatibility and skin tolerability.

A large part of the research work that takes place in the Kosmida laboratories is dedicated to consumer tests, particular analyses that are connected to the intimate world of the consumer and his/her implicit and explicit needs. Sensorial analyses and an interpretation of the levels of satisfaction of perfumes, colours, softness, flavours and aromas involve a wide range of factors: from buying impulses to the sensations of use, and from the perception of effectiveness to the loyalty potential of the product