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Range of products

Kosmida dermatological products are distinguished by their balanced qualitative-quantitative composition and based on the most up-to-date interdisciplinary knowledge of biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology.

During the pre-formulation design stage, Kosmida dermatological researchers explored new strategies in order to optimize the performance of the finished products, paying particular attention to the safety and purity of the formulations.
During the formulation stage, experimental research into wide-ranging synergies led to new functional associations, which were all rigorously dermatologically tested.
The elements making up the general framework (or excipient composition) of a formula must be chosen after careful chemical-physical selection has been made which takes into account form, stability, cutaneous compatibility, ecological impact and respect for the environment. The action of a preparation is completed by using molecular categories such as "botanicals" (phytoextracts) and/or molecules of biotechnical origin or chemical synthesis (particularly if obtained by environmentally friendly and certified processes) with proven functional capability and a toxicological profile of good cutaneous compatibility