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The new Kosmida Sun line is characterized by Prosun-UV® Complex, a blend of UV filters with maximum photostability, which is able to retain its protective power for long periods of time.

All four levels of protection guarantee a safe tan depending on the type of skin, keeping it moisturized and nourished under the sun, stimulating natural melanogenesis and combating the damaging effects of photoaging. The skin is therefore efficiently protected from the risk of erythema and sun spots.

The contribution provided by the silanols is fundamental: Tyrosilane® contrasts erythema, redness and skin dryness, promoting the development of a faster, more intense and longer lasting tan.

The levels of protection

Low protection
Medium protection
High protection
Maximum protection
Apply a generous quantity of Kosmida sun cream at least a half hour before sunbathing. Repeat frequently, particularly after swimming or perspiring.