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Dermatological line

For years Kosmida Dermatologica researchers, in collaboration with major Italian and European University laboratory centres, have focused their research on identifying different skin problems, studying changes in biophysical parameters that occur in "healthy" skin and its appendages, and understanding the molecular mechanisms and biochemical interactions in the epidermal "puzzle".
By using in-depth research techniques and analyses aimed at evaluating the efficacy of preparations, the specific treatments in the "Kosmida Dermatologica" Line were formulated.

Skin function is connected to its integrity, and particularly the integrity of its most external layers: the stratum corneum and the hydrolipid film that covers it.
The skin is involved in protecting the body from the external environment, in receiving sensorial stimuli, in eliminating unwanted substances, in heat regulation, in the maintenance of water balance and the synthesis of fundamental substances for our body.