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The tyrosine-silanol complex

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The hydroxyproline-silanol complex

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These are present in all Kosmida products. The chemical family of silanols is characterized by the presence of silicon, which is incorporated by biotechnological processes into organic molecules that are soluble in water and biologically active.

In medicine the virtues of organic silicon are well known:

  • It regulates the metabolism and cellular division.
  • It controls the proliferation of fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen) and performs a fundamental role in the process of dermal and epidermal cell regeneration.
  • It intervenes in various enzymatic processes
  • It is a metabolic protector that acts on various levels, for example by contrasting the release of free radicals.
  • It promotes the processes of cicatrization and keratinization (healing activities).

In young people the skin contains a large amount of organic silicon, which progressively decreases with age. The visible signs of skin ageing are also linked to this phenomenon.

The complex biological activity of silanols permits a regeneration of altered skin and causes a significant improvement in cutaneous hydration, in cutaneous depressions (wrinkles) delays and contrasts ageing, combating the formation of free radicals and acting on the activation of the capillary circulation.

The molecular technology of silanols, which is applied to the formulation of Kosmida products, is able to produce visible hydrating, toning and restructuring effects on the skin without any side effects.